The 10 Best Online Drum Lessons

So, whether it is online drum lessons, drum lesson videos or basic drum lessons, finding a great beginner program is easy. After getting our hands to hundreds of different online drumming courses, we have decided to list the best beginner drum lessons – starting from our most recommended.

Before we dive in the detailed list of the most popular drum lessons, we`ll point out our three most recommended choices.

Before we dive in the detailed list of the most popular drum lessons, we`ll point out our three most recommended choices.

The 3 Best-Selling Drumming Lesson This month

Drum Ambition

  • 199 / YR
  • Online Videos - Live Video Chat
  • Free Lessons

Hear & Play

  • 73 / One-time
  • DVDs & CDs
  • 365 Days Money-Back


  • 279 / YR
  • Online Videos / Teacher Feedback
  • Slow Motion & Looping On Videos

10 Best Online Drum Lessons Perfectly Chosen for Beginners & Advanced

We’ve all been there – slapping our hands on our knees and pretending we are drumming. However, finding the best online drum lessons to learn from is certainly difficult. On the flip side, professional drumming is not that difficult if you have a passion to learn it.

According to statistics, beginners are the largest portion of drummers out there. What is good is that in such digital era, the best online drum lessons are always at our fingertips.

So, whether it is online drum lessons, drum lesson videos or basic drum lessons, finding a great beginner program is easy. After getting our hands to hundreds of different online drumming courses, we have decided to list the best beginner drum lessons – starting from our most recommended.


Editorial Pick

Drum Ambition was created with the needs of total beginners in mind. Created by pro drummer and educator Simon DasGupta, the site is well-structured and affordable.

His drum lessons start from the very basics and include everything you need to get started. Each lesson includes a good quality video, along with additional supporting materials, such as sheet music and audio files.

The homepage has links to 45 minutes of totally free content so you can check it out risk free. Subscriptions start at just $19 per month (Solo Plan), for unlimited access to all 4 Modules – Total of 85 Videos!

The site includes a free lesson on ‘creating your first drum beat’ and another on ‘basic notation – an introduction‘, which anyone can access without needing to sign up.


Drum Ambition Online Lessons


2. Hear and Play

Editorial Pick

Playing drums by ear is entirely possible – and Hear and Play is among our best online drum lessons websites that makes it easy. Whether you are beginner or advanced, the affordable drum courses and drum lesson videos available for their users can let you discover the secrets to playing drums – and improving your skills over time.

If you are an advanced player, Hear and Play is also a great drum lessons website for you. Instead of hiring a private drum teacher, this website will let you embark in many private video archives, early bird bonuses and tailor-fit courses depending on your skills. On top of that, the price of this course is affordable for something as valuable as these beginner drum courses.

Hear And Play


3. Artistworks

Editorial Pick

If you are looking for beginner drum courses for kids or adults, Artistworks is another place you should turn to. Even though their best online drum lessons are on the more expensive side, they offer incredible value.

There are three main plans – for 3, 6 and 12 months. While the first plan lets you add up to 5 video submissions per teacher, the last one comes with unlimited teacher support and is therefore ideal for people who are more serious about finding beginner drum lessons online.

If you are looking to learn jazz drumming, you will especially benefit from Peter Erskine’s style and get tailor-fit advice on your drumming.

Artistworks Drum Courses


4. Drumeo Edge

Editorial Pick

Next on the list is Drumeo Edge, one of the leading site full of basic drum lessons and drum lesson videos for beginners and intermediate drummers. What is great about Drumeo Edge is that you can learn from the best online drum lessons on video – taught ‘by the world’s best teachers’.

Drumeo’s online drum lessons have won the site many awards over the years. The DRUM! Magazine readers have voted it as the best online drum lessons program for three years in a row. Whether you want to play your favorite songs on the drums or supercharge your practice, the 100+ step-by-step drum courses and 1500+ on-demand drum lessons will help you in that matter.

Drumeo Edge


5. Drumming System

Editorial Pick

Labeled as ‘The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Video Drum Lessons’, Drumming System is a bundle of the best online drum lessons in the form of videos – taught by expert drummers. Motivated by the tons of overwhelming online drum videos and even more frustrating uncertainty or sheet music, this program aims to boost your drumming progress and let you gradually improve your skills with the list of progressive online drum courses.

All of the best online drum lessons available on Drumming System adopt a Smart Beat Technology that makes following along incredibly fun and easy.

Drumming System, offers a 90-day money back guarantee.

Drumming System - Best Online Drum Lessons


6. Maximum Meytal

Tested / Approved

You may have heard about Meytal Cohen, one of the best online drum teachers out there. As you would probably guess, Maximum Meytal is a program with the best online drum courses transformed to videos – directly by Meytal.

As she says in her personal letter found on the website, playing the drums is a great journey where she can best dedicate herself to be part of it and teach you drumming or help you polish your drumming skills. The library of beginner-to-advanced online drum courses is great and surely gives you the best possible learning experience.

Maximum Meytal - Drum lessons


7. Cobus Method

Tested / Approved

Cobus Method is a library of the best online drum lessons that provides detailed step-by-step training, play-along song assist, instant online access to all features, video lessons and much more – with no any shipping hassles.

Whether you are into drum lessons for kids, ear training or beginner drum courses – the online drum lesson bundle really delivers it all and even offers 90-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

Cobus Method


8. Successful Drumming

Tested / Approved

In a nutshell, this online drum lessons website promotes complete beginner-to-advanced online drum courses in the form of video lessons that will let you make most of your drumming talent.

Designed by Jared Falk, this library of a step-by-step online drum courses makes it easy to start drumming and unlock your full potential over time. According to many satisfied users, the DVD, CD and workbook content combines the best online drum lessons, making it easy to track your progress and always know what to do next.

Successful Drumming


9. Learn & Master

Tested / Approved

We are rounding up the drum lesson videos with the last brand on our list – Learn & Master – full of online drum lessons for kids and beginner drum videos. In fact, this course includes twelve DVDs as the heart of the course – and many additional content such as Styles, Play-Along CDs, More Experienced Drummers and Student Support.

Learn & Master’s online drumming courses are great because they are wrapped in a 12-pack program that makes drumming easy and straightforward. According to many satisfied users, Learn & Master has the best online drum lessons that are challenging but not overwhelming.

Learn & Master


10. Udemy

Tested / Approved

Udemy has a lot of drum lessons courses. If you’re looking for a particular style or type of drum course, and want to sign up to an online structured course, then be sure to check this one out.

You can learn almost anything at Udemy, including how to play the drums!

There are some great deals on courses at Udemy, but keep in mind that not all Udemy courses are created equal. All courses have ratings and reviews from students who have participated in the past. Be sure to check out the reviews and all are backed by Udemy’s 30-day money-back guarantee.


Udemy Online Lessons - Drums


A Final Word

Now, it is up to you to decide which of these best online drum lessons you are going to choose. Whatever you choose, though, you should know that drumming demands a lot of time and attention. Even the most basic drum lessons and beginner drum videos can take some time to be repeated and played at different tempos. Therefore, the best way to learn drumming is to eliminate all distractions and follow through the videos from A to Z.

Cheers to big drumming success! Good luck!

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