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Introduction: How Peter Erskine Designed The ArtistWorks Drum Lessons

In a pool of many drum lessons online, finding the perfect one can be tough. However, with a name such as Peter Erskine, the choice suddenly narrows down. In this Artistworks drum lessons review, we are unveiling all the secrets that make this course perfect for jazz drummers, beginners and intermediate users.

As you probably know, Peter Erskine is an award-winning drummer with years of experience. He has been voted ‘Best Jazz Drummer of the Year’ 10 times by the readers of Modern Drummer magazine and is the guy behind the Artistworks drum lesson review that we are listing below.

In the course itself, there are three options that you can choose and subscribe to it – the 3-month plan, the 6-month plan or the 12-month plan, each having different features.


ArtistWorks - full review

ArtistWorks Review Summary

This Artistworks review of the drum lessons will help you see the true greatness of Peter Erskine, the father behind the course, as well as the amazing Video Exchange Learning Platform that Artistworks has designed in order to help drummers make most of their skills by learning drumming online.

In order to do that, we are starting with the pros and cons of the drum lessons.


  • Hundreds of drum lessons
  • Covering all levels and styles of drumming
  • Introducing you to slow motion isolation and video looping techniques when learning to play the drums
  • Video Exchange Learning - a platform that lets you not only learn but submit your practice videos to Peter himself and wait for his expert advice
  • Worldwide community with thousands of students learning drums online just like you
  • The best teacher (Peter Erskine) working with you on your drumming skills
  • Great value for money, especially if you subscribe for 12 months


  • Limited video submissions to teacher in different plans
  • Most of the great features are available only if you subscribe for 6 or 12 months

Excited to meet Peter Erskine?

ArtistWorks Review: Main Features

Our Artistworks drum lessons review covers all the features of the course itself and everything that has been designed by Peter Erskine – including the tools, main features and what does this drum course have to offer over its competitors.

AW video exchange logo


The Artistworks drum course has a lot of great tools and resources. Obviously, there couldn’t be a better resource than Peter Erskine himself giving you expert advice, but there are many additional things that will make you happy about this drum course, including:

  • Video Exchange Archive (and Sharing) - which lets you submit videos of your drumming but also see other people's recordings
  • a lot of backing tracks for all instruments (unlimited in the 12-month plan)
  • Music Theory Workshop - where you can learn things in theory too
  • VIP Bonus Content (available in the 12-month plan)
Peter Erskine


Once again, Peter Erskine is the only instructor here and the guy who designed the entire Artistworks drum course. He is an award-winning drummer with tons of experience and one that best knows what people need in order to improve their drumming skills.

If you are a jazz drummer, you will especially benefit from his style and get tailor-fit advice on your drumming.

Artist Works Drum Lessons

Lesson Styles

Our Artistworks drum lessons review also includes the lesson styles. While Peter Erskine, the main guy behind this drum course is a jazz drummer, his drumming lessons are not limited to an instrument. You can enjoy the 365 videos and 15 hours of content and see why Peter Erskine has been named ‘best jazz drummer’ even 10 times.

A Final word

The Artistworks drum lessons review can be best summed up with one word - perfect for every aspiring drummer who wants to not only learn drumming online but also get tailor-fit advice on his drumming skills. The Video Exchange Sharing platform lets you do that and the entire video library with incredible drum lessons is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this course. If you are interested to know more about the Artistworks drum lessons by Peter Erskine or want to purchase the course right now, visit the official Artistworks Drum Lessons website.

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