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Introducing You To Our In-Depth Drumeo Lessons Review

Drumeo EDGE is one of the most popular companies that are selling drum lessons online. If you are looking for an unbiased Drumeo lessons review, it is safe to say that this page will help you see everything you need to know about this brand.

Basically, our Drumeo Edge review starts with the description of what’s included in this drum lessons pack. Basically, Drumeo Edge consists of the Drumeo Live lessons and an organized archive of video lessons, making it easy for you to follow the excellent classes and lessons coming from an experienced team of 20 teachers.


drumeo edge - full review

Drumeo Review Summary

This Drumeo review will help you see why the Drumeo EDGE lessons are great for drummers of all ages, genres and skill levels. With expert teachers and high-quality videos, these lessons are definitely worth every penny and have been in constant demand online.


  • Hundreds of video lessons that cover all drumming styles
  • Perfect for all skill levels
  • Less expensive than most of the private drum lesson
  • Expert drum instructors to learn from
  • Amazing support (on forum, email, phone and chat)
  • Mobile, letting you learn on every device from mobile to laptop and tablet
  • Live lessons with live daily chat
  • A 90 day money back guarantee
  • Free bonuses - drumsticks and earplugs if you decide to go for the yearly subscription of Drumeo Edge


  • Monthly subscription (however this can be easily solved with yearly subscription which is cheaper and comes with some bonuses)
  • The lessons are about an hour long
  • You need an Internet connection to watch them

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Drumeo Edge Review: Main Features

Our Drumeo lessons review also covers the main features of the brand and the lessons sold, including the resources, tools and main advantages that it has over the competition. Let’s start with the tools and resources that it has to offer.

drumeo edge review free drumstick


Drumeo Edge has a lot of high-quality resources and tools. Each of the lessons uses different camera angles so that it is easy for you to see and make most of the lesson. Basically, the tools and resources include:

  • PDF support (you can download the sheet music as a PDF in two different tempos)
  • A Lesson Library - allowing you to never miss a lesson and watch everything when you have time
  • 5 New Lessons Each Week - A lot of archived lessons and new ones added from Drumeo Live (with chat support)
  • Forum Discussions - you can always discuss questions and drumming interests in the forums with other like-minded students
drumeo lesson instructors Jared Falk image


As we said above, our Drumeo Edge review is also focused on the quality of lessons given by expert instructors, making this course:

  • Perfect for beginners, intermediate players and experts
  • Ideal for drummers in every style
  • A variety of lessons coming from 20 highly-qualified instructors and moderated by assistants
  • Each of the instructors has their own specialties and strengths
Drumeo Lessons Review

Lesson Styles

This tab basically refers to the Drumeo lessons review and all that they have to offer. Basically, each lesson:

  • Starts with the instructor previewing the lesson's material
  • Continues with a 5-minute mark and 10 or so exercises for the lesson
  • Is filmed with a couple of different angles so that you can learn better and follow along
  • You can discuss the lesson materials with other members and ask the instruction questions through the chat room (in live lessons)

A Final word

In the end, it is easy to see why this Drumeo lessons review is one of the most popular out there. The brand itself has been among the leading on the drum lessons marketplace and always strived to deliver high-quality drum courses tailored to the needs of the audience. So, if you are ready to take your drumming to the next level - review all of the points in this Drumeo review again - and buy the Drumeo EDGE Drum Lessons today!

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