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Drumming System Drum Lessons As The Ultimate Online Encyclopedia

Nowadays, there are so many drum lessons online that makes it easy to find a deal that tailors to your needs. At the same time though, there are so many great brands with tons of helpful online drum videos and irresistible offers. The Drumming System drum lessons review that we are listing below is only one of them – making it one of the most popular brands with online drum videos out there.

As the website says, the Drumming System drum course come with qualified information, step-by-step lessons and guaranteed results for every drummer-learner.

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Drumming System - full review

Drumming System Review Summary

Basically, there is no right and wrong drum course out there – instead, one that works and one that doesn’t work for your needs. In today’s Drumming System drum lessons review, we are listing everything you need about the program, starting from its good (and bad) sides.


  • Hundreds of drum video guides and lessons
  • Detailed advice from an experienced professional - Mike Michalkow
  • Ability to learn drumming at all skill levels
  • Progressive drum lessons that get more complicated as you pick up new things and gradually scale your drumming skills
  • Practice Routine Generator which makes it easy to establish a custom plan that is flexible to fit your schedule - or as the company says, the true 'game plan for success'
  • A Smart Beat technology making it fun and easy to follow along and learn to read the notation in a natural way
  • Perfect for frustrating drummers or ones that are feeling overwhelmed by their drum set, sheet music or the complexity of drumming


  • Lessons are not that long (which is also good)
  • There are no Live Lessons & Questions like Drumeo

Ready to boost your skills? You've got nothing to lose.

Drumming System Review: Main Features

The best way to start with this Drumming System drum lessons review is to let you know that there are two main alternatives when it comes to choosing your own course – the Ultimate Edition and the Online Edition.

Basically, the only difference here is that the Ultimate Edition comes with a hardcopy of all the 20 DVDs, 21 CDs as well as five workbooks that you will be able to put on your shelves at home – while the online edition comes with files to be downloaded on your PC. It is nice to mention that Drumming System offers both physical (hardcopy) and digital files.

Below, we are talking about all the files in general.

Image of the DVD's


The Drumming System drum lessons review also includes many tools and resources that you can access 24/7. There are:

  • A lot of Video Drum Lessons - suiting both beginner and advanced players
  • Step-by-Step training with 100+ play along files
  • Interactive learning with Q&A sessions and community support
  • Exclusive bonuses that will boost your progress
mike michalkow drumming system


Mike Michalkow is the only guy behind the Drumming System drum lessons, and his expert advice and over 20 years of experience are decent enough to show every drummer the right way to a blooming career in drumming – or a hobby that fuels you from the inside.

It doesn’t matter which drumming style you want to master or which genre you are in – as long as there is Mike Michalkow and his determination to help you (which can be easily seen from the videos).

Image with drum notes

Lesson Styles

For everyone wondering about the lesson styles available in the Drumming System drum course, there are many. Some of the main topics that are worth mentioning in this Drumming System lessons review include:

  • the Hand technique
  • the Bass Drum technique
  • Drum tuning and setup
  • Odd Time signatures
  • Drum rudiments
  • Drum beats and fills
  • Drum play-alongs
  • Practice routines

A Final word

In the end, we hope that we showed you why the Drumming System drum lessons review is popular on the market - and how you can finally save time, skip on overpaying private drumming instructors and learn drumming 24/7 at a time that best suits you.

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