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Hear And Play By Jermaine Griggs: Full Review

The motto behind this drum lessons brand is ‘if you can hear it, you can play it’. At least that is what the founder, Jermaine Griggs, believes in and how he helped a lot of students to master drumming and take their skills to a new level.

As in many Hear and Play review pages and discussions, it is easy to see how the brand emphasizes the ability to play anything by ear within a couple of minutes! Thanks to the detailed drum lessons by Hear and Play, songs can be learned very quickly by ear.

This is certainly something that makes Hear and Play a popular brand out there – and also one that is offering the most affordable prices.

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heAR AND PLAY - full review

Hear And Play Review Summary

In this Hear and Play drum lessons review, you will see why a lot of drummers have subscribed to this brand and why does it apply to all ages, backgrounds and skill levels. Thanks to its universal type of lessons and perfectly organized ‘hearing’ chord patterns, transposing and improvising, you can become a master drummer in no time.

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  • A large variety of drum video lessons that cover many different styles of playing
  • Perfect for attaining basic knowledge and learning to play the drums - or gradually polishing your drumming skills
  • Great depth of different improvisational lessons
  • A lot of different packages
  • FREE access to most of the music sharing and networking sites
  • A comfortable and easy learning experience
  • Very affordable pricing which is one-time $73, or in the form of two payments at $39 each


  • It might seem like a too brief program for advanced drummers
  • There is so much content to choose from (eBook, lessons, subscriptions etc.) which is not necessarily a bad thing

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Hear and Play Review: Main Features

Our Hear and Play drum lessons review covers everything from its main courses up to the instructors, styles of playing covered in the drumming course. Now that you know the benefits, let’s dig deeper and show you what is inside the drumming lessons.

Hear And Play


As a drum lessons brand, Hear and Play is known for the large variety of content in their drum classes. In the subscription, you can find the following things:

  • An eBook which is actually the main course and a written one (which certainly helps)
  • Bonus programs include ear training, pitch perfecting, quizzes and interactive exercises
  • Lessons include basic scale modulations, chord methods and sight reading
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Jermaine Griggs, the founder behind Hear and Play, is the main instructor and narrator most of the times. He is the one that will show you how to play drums by ear – or how to improve your current skills with the right answers shaped up in the form of lessons.

However, Griggs is not the only drumming expert out there. A good friend of his named Kennieth ‘Bam’ Alexander is also part of the instructors – as a drumming authority that has toured with a countless number of artists in all genders. His 20-year drumming experience will certainly help a lot of students polish their drumming skills.


lesson format screenshot

Lesson Styles

This is all you need to know about the Hear and Play drum lessons review from the perspective of the different lesson styles that include:

  • Tailored drum programs by week (week 1, week 2 etc.)
  • Amazing drum guides
  • Lessons that are tailored to specific styles


This drum lessons might be one of the most affordable deals out there. At only $73 as a one-time payment, subscribing to this drum course is an investment that is well worth it. If you have the drums at home - but are missing the right lessons that will take your drumming to a whole new level - it is certainly the drum course you need that doesn't drain your wallet and tailors to any style of playing.

Are you ready to see your investment come back in the form of groundbreaking drumming only after the first week? If yes is your answer, it's about time you review all the points above and purchase the Drum Lessons today!

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