The Top Drum Practice Pads Online: A Full Review

The Best Drum Practice Pads Available On The Market

Are you playing on a drum practice pad – or maybe searching for the best drum pad to buy online?

Whatever your mission is, you should know that playing on the best drum practice pad for your needs will help you enhance your skills before playing the more complicated and challenging acoustic or electronic drums.

In order to help you find the best drum pad online and one that is perfect for your needs, we are listing the top drum pad products out there, with a brief description on each of them.

1. Evans 2-Sided Practice Pad

First on our list is the Evans 2-sided 6 inch drum pad, which is a drum practice pad with many positive customer reviews. Natural and authentic, this two sided pad has a large playing surface that fits inside a standard snare basket. The recycled rubber surface features a dark grey fabric finish and provides the best practice substitute to an acoustic drum. This is why many people rated it with 5 stars as the best drum pad they found online – The Evans 2-sided pad is Also available in a 12 inch version.

2. RealFeel By Evans Practice Pad

Next on the list is an Evans drum pad (again). However, this time it is the single sided pad that comes in three main sizes (6, 7 and 12 inch) with a gum rubber surface for the most realistic rebound. It also provides an 8mm threaded insert on the bottom which makes it fit to mount to most standard cymbal stands or the EVANS practice pad stand. The RealFeel label on this drum practice pad ensures that it has been engineered and manufactured to the most stringent quality controls by the manufacturer.

3. SoundOff By Evans Drum Mute Pak

The SoundOff by Evans is an example of another line of drum practice pad products which is one that provides a 95% volume reduction and does not drastically alter the drums feel. Because of that – and the affordable price tag – this product is often labeled as the best drum practice pad you can find with a great value for money. The SoundOff drum pad mutes are designed, engineered and manufactured to the best standards in the industry.

4. Remo RT-0006 Gray Tunab Drum Practice Pad

Another contender for the ‘best drum practice pad online’ is the Remo Tunab drum pad, which is perfect for both beginning and advanced drummers. It features a replaceable Ambassador Coated drumhead that provides the bounce and feel of a real drum. On top of that, this drum practice pad has a protective rubber bottom for non-scratch and non-slip table top use. It comes in 6, 8 and 10 inch sizes.

5. Vic Firth 12'' Double Sided Drum Practice Pad

The Vic Firth drum pad makes most for its size and ensures quiet practice with hard rubber that intensifies the workout and hearing each stroke. It also features a dense wooden base for a great authentic feel – and an all-black design. Its price is relatively affordable compared to other drum practice pads online.

6. Vic Firth Heavy Hitter Slim Pad

The Heavy Hitter is according to many the best drum pad online, mainly because of its soft yet thick rubber pad that is mounted to a 12-inch sturdy wooden base. The combination of wood and rubber are what makes this drum practice pad great – and what provides a more accurate feel of a snare drum or a marching tenor/bass drum. It is the perfect size and weight to throw in a backpack for every drummer on-the-go.

7. Vic Firth Single Sided Drum Pad

If you are looking for the best drum pad out there, you also need to consider the Vic Firth Single Sided drum pad that is available with soft rubber for quiet practice. This model also features a non-skid rubber base and a 8 millimeter mounting thread for use on your cymbal stand. The soft rubber surface, dense wood base and grey color make it a real steal considering its low price.

8. Drumeo P4 Practice Pad

The authority in drumming lessons, Drumeo, has decided to enter the race for the best drum practice pad online – and it does that really well with their Drumeo P4 Practice Pad. With four different playing surfaces that simulate the feel of different drums or cymbals, this drum pad is very accurate and feels very natural. Also, it is the only practice pad in the market with four different playing surfaces, which makes it one of the most unique – and definitely the best drum practice pad for many people.

9. Ultra Portable Practice Pad - Case Included

If you are looking for an ultra portable drum practice pad that you can take anywhere with you, this is the best drum pad for your needs. Available in black and yellow, this 6-inch drum practice pad is a pocket-size version of a professional drum pad that you can take anywhere with you. It fits perfectly in any bag and comes with a case. It is easy to clean and water resistant – and the sound is pretty neat.

10. Tromme Drum Practice Pad & Carrying Case

The best drum pad online is according to many a drum practice pad that comes with a case. If that’s the product you are looking for, the 12-inch drum pad by Tromme will certainly amaze you. Two sided and featuring silicone materials on both sides, it comes in blue, grey and red. There is a large playing surface that gives you real playing experience – all that without a single disadvantage when it comes to sound.

A Final Word

As you can see, there are so many different drum practice pads to choose from. Therefore, finding the best drum pad online is definitely a difficult decision. However, once you know what you are looking for, this list can actually be rewarding to you and can give you a nice idea of the current options on the market.

So, are you ready to buy the best drum practice pad that you always wanted?

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